Bitdefender 2020 Brings New Features to Upgrade Security and Online Privacy

 The Bitdefender 2020 series of services and products are intended to offer both protection against even the most complex dangers, in addition to ensure privacy from hackers. Besides under-the-hood technology upgrades that increase the struggle against ransomware, illegal crypto-mining malware, malware and other online dangers, Bitdefender 2020 antivirus introduces new privacy features that protect you in sites that track your online actions and even software that try to access the device's camera and microphone.

Bitdefender 20 20, that provides industry-leading protection for Windows, Mac OSX, Android, and also iOS, today comes with numerous upgrades. Bit defender's malware detection motors stop the most recent variants of growing threats, while it blocks almost any dishonest page targeting personal info like credit card details or social security numbers, also keeps your family and kids safe from cyber-bullying and online predators.

Here is the thing you need to learn about a few of the new features packaged into Bitdefender 2020 and the upgrades we have made under the hood into existing technologies.

Web Protection for I-OS

I-OS users might believe they are immune to risks, but a fraud, phishing, and other online dangers can still make a dent in the wallets or trick users into giving away sensitive and private information, such as name, address, and even credit card details. Bitdefender Mobile Security for iOS can now ascertain if or not a link (URL) that you simply visit is valid or deceitful, whatever the browser or any application you're using.

Whether it's an email link, a URL that you clicked and received with a well known messaging app, or some thing malicious you clicked while surfing, Bitdefender's Web Protection feature for iOS now keeps you safe and clear away from online threats. It could filter all traffic, not merely intentional user surfing. It follows that, if you're at home, connected or traveling to an Wi-Fi network, Bit defender's Web Security cubes phishing scams along with any Dis-Honest page, no matter the internet browser.

Bit Defender Anti-tracker

Bitdefender 2020 also sports the newly added Anti-tracker feature that blocks trackers collecting surfing data on your own online behaviour and lets you see and manage this information to every visited web site.

Covering analytics, advertising, social networking, or customer interactions, Bitdefender Anti-tracker could keep your browser private, enhance the overall browsing experience by loading webpages faster, and deliver you detailed understanding on what web sites track while letting you take care of trackers that collect data on each and every webpage you see. If you use Windows or Mac OSX, Bitdefender Anti-tracker puts control over your data in your hands.

Bitdefender Microphone Monitor

The newest Microphone Monitor reinforces Bitdefender's existing webcam security, notifying users when unauthorized programs or programs get their microphone. It comes as an additional level of privacy protection, giving users control over their particular apparatus by enabling complete visibility to which apps get into your device's mic so when. Up on access, untrusted programs are found and users are notified, ensuring that privacy is protected rather than in danger.

Bitdefender Microphone Monitor is all about providing you control over your and your household's privacy while making informed decisions about if installed apps officially gain access and use privacy-intrusive sensors.


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