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Advantages of using Bitdefender Central The following are the advantages of using Bitdefender Central.  With the help of remote setup method of Bitdefender Central, you can also attach the parental control to the devices.  Using this software user can use the Bitdefender products online and can make changes to the devices in which this software is being installed.  Once you complete the process of the Bitdefender login, all of your Bitdefender Products installed on different operating devices will be reviewable. You can log in to your account to activate the different Bitdefender Products in one place. Account Creation Process Of Bitdefender Just follow the steps below of the account creation of Bitdefender. This will complete the process appropriately.  Go to Official Site of Bitdefender  Firstly, visit Bitdefender’s official website for creating an account. For this, use the “ ” Web URL. You need to accurately enter this URL in the Address bar located at the v